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A Multimedia Principles of Economics Textbook

This page contains links to text, images and videos which together form an integrated multimedia microeconomics textbook.

The Table of Contents below lists chapters of the Principles of Economics textbook by Libby Rittenberg and Tim Tregarthen. These were released under a Creative Commons license.

The Table of Contents also contains links to the following multimedia content:

1. clicking on a Chapter Title will take you to a PDF version of the entire Chapters.

2. clicking on a Section number will take you to an HTML version of the individual section of the chapter.

3. clicking on the Video link will take you to the YouTube videos that I've created that correspond with that section of the textbook.

4. finally, all 14 chapters below are available as a combined PDF.  

Table of Contents

Using Excel to Teach Principles of Economics

Using spreadsheets to teach economics principles is not a new idea, but the accessibility of spreadsheets makes them attractive for use in an online course like the one I'm teaching this semester.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Cost-Benefit Anlaysis at Caltrans

Earlier this month I was in Sacramento to learn about Benefit-Cost Analysis at Caltrans.  We interviewed staff at the Department of Transportation as part of my current research project with the Mineta Transportation Institute.

Their building reminded me of the buildings on our campus at San Jose State University; it looks pretty good here with the California sunshine in the reflection:

Generating Greater Interest in Transportation Economics

The International Transportation Economics Association is a small organization that occasionally puts out a newsletter.  Two recent newsletter articles caught my attention.  I discuss the first here and the second in a subsequent post.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Principles of Microeconomics, My Online, Self-Directed Course

Update (3/17/2014): I discovered a better way of distributing these video lectures; see this subsequent blog post:

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